Sunday, August 23, 2009

I Finally Got a Bohnenschneidemaschine!

After months, who am I kidding, years of waiting and praying, I finally have a Bohnenschneidemaschine! This particular Bohnenschneidemaschine was a gift from good friends of ours. And it's not just any Bohnenschneidemaschine, a Schulte Bohnenschneidemaschine. And if you know anything about Bohnenschneidemaschinen, you probably know that Schulte Bohnenschneidemaschinen are the best Bohnenschneidemaschinen that money can buy.

God, I love saying Bohnenschneidemaschine. It just rolls off the tongue! Bohnenschneidemaschine. Bohnenschneidemaschine. Bohnenschneidemaschine. Try it for yourself!


  1. Gosh...that might be a better word than bustenhalter!

  2. why must one need to cut beans?

  3. Because an uncut bean is an abomination!