Friday, April 17, 2009

Mysterious Flying Monster

Reports have surfaced about a mysterious flying monster. This is the only known photograph of it. Scientists are divided in their explanations; Some say it was an accident involving a radioactive Mayfly, some say it's a genetic mutation, others say it's an evolutionary anomoly. Still others insist the whole thing is merely a hoax. Whatever the explanation, this thing is obviously real and should probably be destoyed for our own safety before it's too late. We don't know exactly what powers this beast possesses, but apparently it can change itself and its immediate surroundings to a sepia-like tone. Please distribute this picture and be on the lookout for this monster.


  1. How's about a clue to the identity of this Super Bug??

  2. Actually, that's a bit of a mystery as well. It's someone on Mercedes' side, but no one is sure...

  3. I need one of those cartoon "Acme" bug spray guns.