Saturday, April 18, 2009

This Could Get Ugly

The intense rivalry that's been building between Bike Helmet Maker #1 and Bike Helmet Maker #17 finally came to a (no pun intended) head. It's unclear at this point whether Bike Helmet Maker #1 placed his sticker on first and Bike Helmet Maker #17 second or the other way around, but an internal investigation is under way. I say they should just put their petty differences aside. After all, isn't the common goal here making safe helmets and protecting the heads of human beings everywhere, regardless of who gets building credit? Anyway, the whole thing is a moot point in my humble opinion; I think pretty much everyone agrees that Bike Helmet Maker #12 clearly builds the best helmet...


  1. I've heard that Bike Helmet Maker #1 cheats.

  2. That's also part of the internal investigation, but I'm not allowed to comment on that at this time...