Thursday, October 29, 2009

Redesigned Penny for Your Thoughts...

We keep hearing that pennies are going to be eliminated, that they cost more to produce than they're worth and that they just make people's purses heavier. So then yesterday I got this shiny beauty in change from my friendly (meant sarcastically, as they are NOT particularly friendly) neighborhood Walgreens (in fact, I'm pretty sure some of the employees there are on a work release program, but that's another blog post entirely). I guess that's a pretty clear sign that there are no immediate penny-discontinuation plans.

As for me, I'm all for keeping them around. Especially if they continue this "before they were President" series. The possibilities are endless; Martin Van Buren pouring drinks in Kinderhook, NY; James K. Polk felling trees along Tennessee's Duck River... That's good stuff!

Well, anyway, that's my two cents...


  1. ...Andrew Jackson, killin' indians and whorin' around... wait, didn't he do that after he was president too?

  2. Love it — I'll get started on the drawings!!